Why You Should Not Hire Out-of-Town Roofers

Why You Should Not Hire Out-of-Town Roofers

Hiring a local roofing contractor is critical to the success of your roofing project. An out-of-state counterpart is never an ideal choice, and for good reason. We explain why this is the case here.

Out-of-Town Roofers

Building Codes

Building codes vary from one area to another. With local roofers, you can be sure they’re knowledgeable when it comes to these regulations and can get the job done with these codes in mind. You can’t expect an out-of-town roofing team to adhere to these for obvious reasons.

Absence Following Initial Roofing Work

Roofing services do not end after installation. Ideally, you’ll want the same team who installed your roof to also perform yearly inspections and maintenance. When you work with out-of-town roofers, you may not likely reach them when you need emergency repairs. It’s also hard to keep track of them and make them responsible if there are roofing problems that arise down the road.

Lack of Insurance

It is likely that out-of-town roofers aren’t carrying insurance. Working with them means setting yourself up to being held liable in the event of property damage or accidental injury while the roofing project is underway. When looking for a local roofing contractor, make sure they carry workers’ compensation and  general liability for your peace of mind.

Shoddy Work

Out-of-town roofers move to your area after a severe storm. They prey on unwary homeowners by offering to fix their roofs at ridiculously low prices. Since they are in your town for only a short period of time, they will try to take on as many projects as they can. Unfortunately, the work they do leaves much to be desired. Expect substandard workmanship, which will almost always result in more problems. The worst part: there’s no warranty.

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