Why Upgrade Your Roof and Gutters at the Same Time?

Why Upgrade Your Roof and Gutters at the Same Time?

A new roof can protect your home from bad weather and improve its appearance. However, your roof is just one component of your home’s weather defense system; your gutters also play a critical role. Here’s why ABM Services and Renovations, trusted roofing contractor, recommends upgrading your gutters at the same time:

Why Upgrade Your Roof and Gutters at the Same Time

You Prevent Water Damage

Your gutters have an important role to play in protecting your home from water damage. They catch rain that hits your roof and redirect it to your downspouts. The downspouts will then deposit this water safely away from your home. Old, leaky gutters are a recipe for water damage in your home.

You Can Save Time

As a gutter system and roofing expert, we can replace your roof and upgrade your gutters simultaneously. This is more efficient than tackling the projects separately because both projects involve similar equipment and climbing onto the roof. In addition, it ensures your gutters fit correctly.

You Want Better Gutter Protection

Ordinary gutters are at risk of clogging because they are exposed. Leaves and other debris can fall into the gutters and block water from flowing to your downspouts. Fortunately, new gutter protection systems have been developed that greatly reduce the chances of this happening.

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