Why That Leak Keeps Coming Back

Sometimes a leak can seem like an easy, one-time problem only to return after the next bout of bad weather. If that one water spot on your ceiling seems to continue to return no matter how many repairs you make, your problems may be bigger than a few wobbly shingles. Here are some of the biggest reasons leaks on Sandy Springs, GA roofing may continue to return.

The Problem Goes Deeper Than Shingles

A chronic leak usually indicates water damage has made it past the main roofing components. If you thought a few loose shingles were to blame, for example, you may actually have a problem with your underlayment. If the area under your roof is already damaged, repairs to shingles may not be enough to keep out water. Depending on the severity of damage to underlayment, you may be better off installing a new roof altogether.

Your Gutters Are Constantly Clogged

Roofers in Sandy Springs, GA also know that gutters can be the culprits behind recurring leaks. Gutters themselves aren’t the problem, of course; it’s the debris and buildup that bogs them down. When gutters backed up, water ultimately ends up spilling onto roofing, siding, and pooling around the base of your house. If your gutters are always clogged, that leak on the corner of your house may never go away.

Your Siding Is Damaged

Not all leaks enter through the roof and gutters; some water damage can creep in through siding. If your siding has sustained damage from the last storm or has been quietly accumulating mold for the past several years, it could be the reason water keeps coming into your house. Siding damage can be difficult to spot to the untrained eye, so it can be beneficial to enlist the help of your local roofing contractors in Sandy Springs for assistance.

These are just some of the primary reasons a leak can be recurring.