Why Metal Roofs Make Sense for Commercial Buildings

Why Metal Roofs Make Sense for Commercial Buildings

Metal roofing works well for commercial properties because it’s durable, versatile and low maintenance. In today’s post, ABM Services and Renovations, trusted roofing contractor, explains how metal roofing can benefit commercial properties:

Metal Roofs

  • Extremely Versatile: A metal roof can protect both low-slope and steep-slope buildings, allowing us to install metal roofs on all kinds of commercial properties. Metal roofing also comes in a variety of colors and designs, making it an excellent choice if you value aesthetics.

  • Impressive Longevity: Metal roofing has one of the longest lifespans of all roofing materials. With regular maintenance, a metal roof can protect a commercial property for over 50 years. Metal roofs are immune to deterioration and rotting and they can withstand weather damage better than other options. This is because metal roofs are impervious to water and they can withstand long-term sun exposure.

  • Highly Energy-Efficient: There are many metal roofing systems that have high reflectivity ratings. This means they can reflect most of the sun’s heat away from your building, reducing the workload of your HVAC system and making the building more comfortable. This helps save money on energy costs. Given enough time, the energy savings you’ll enjoy from an energy-efficient metal roof will help you recoup the cost of the installation.

As a commercial roof installation expert, we suggest choosing a metal roofing system if you want a roof that can protect your building no matter what. ABM Services and Renovation has extensive experience with commercial roofing. Call us at (770) 282-3700 for more information on metal roofs. We serve many areas, including Locust Grove and Sandy Springs, GA.