Why Are Your Gutters Coming Loose?

Why Are Your Gutters Coming Loose?

Have you noticed your gutters coming loose? There are many possible reasons behind this problem. Continue reading to learn more about the common reasons why gutters come loose and how you can fix them.

Gutters Coming Loose

Signs of Loose Gutters

Knowing how to spot loose gutters can help you avoid bigger problems, like gutter sections falling off or rainwater overflowing. Early repairs are easier to accomplish and more affordable. Some of the most common signs of loose gutters are the following:

  • Dripping water: During gutter inspections, pay close attention to the fascia where the channels are attached. Leaks, water stains, blistering or peeling paint on that area means water is reaching it. It could be an indication your gutters are coming loose.
  • Loose gutter troughs: This is the most obvious sign and should prompt you to act as soon as possible.
  • Loose gutter fasteners: Gutter fasteners, such as nails or screws, hold gutter hangers in place. If they become loose, you’ll easily notice them from the ground. This means gutter repairs are required.

Why Gutters Come Loose

When gutters are full of rainwater, the combined weight can be strong enough to pull the gutters down. Cleaning your gutters regularly can help reduce the risk of leaves and debris clogging the gutters and causing drainage issues.

Incorrect hanger spacing, fastener depth or gutter size and slope can also result in premature gutter failure. That said, hire a reliable professional to install your gutter system.

How to Address the Problem

Turn to a trusted company like ABM Services & Renovations Inc for your gutter concerns. Our team can handle various gutter issues and install gutter protection systems to prevent early gutter failure or frequent clogging. We’re also experienced in performing roof repairs, inspections and other services. To request a quote, call us at (770) 288-2368, or fill out our convenient¬†online form.