What to Expect From a Professional Roof Inspection

What to Expect From a Professional Roof Inspection

Roof inspections need to be a regular part of your home maintenance checklist given the importance of your roof. You need to keep your roofing system in good shape if you want to avoid costly roof repair or a premature roof replacement. ABM Services and Renovations explains what you should expect from a roof inspection:

What You Need to Expect from a Professional Roof Inspection

  • You Might Need to Take Action: You need to be prepared to take immediate action if the inspection yields concerning results. For example, your roof may be suffering from hidden water damage that will cause future problems. Remember that it’s always better to deal with roofing issues right away than procrastinate and be faced with bigger, costlier problems later.

  • Your Roofer Will Thoroughly Investigate Your Roof: As a roof repair expert, we will check the exterior condition of your roof by looking for ice dams, leaks, as well as shingle, flashing and chimney issues. We will look for signs of shingle deterioration, gutter problems, rot and structural issues.

  • Your Roofer Will Inspect Your Attic: Expect your roofing contractor to check your attic during the complete professional inspection. Among the things a roofing contractor will look for are signs of moisture and mold, improper ventilation as well as insulation issues.

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