What Is Your Roof Trying to Tell You?

What Is Your Roof Trying to Tell You?

Roofing problems should be a serious concern for homeowners. After all, the roof is your home’s primary source of protection and a key component in its structural integrity. Keeping your roof in good shape means repairing areas of concern promptly and thoroughly. But how do you know if your roof really needs repair? In today’s post, ABM Services and Renovations, one of the premier local roofers, shares some signs you might be missing:
Granule-Filled Gutters
While it’s normal to find granules in your gutters, you should be concerned if you see them flowing out of your downspouts when it rains. This means that your shingles are deteriorating or that they are nearing the end of their life span. These granules protect your roof from the sun’s rays, so when they’re gone, your shingles are more likely to crack and curl, exposing your home.
Water Spots on the Ceiling
These are quite easy to miss because not a lot of homeowners take the time to look at their ceilings when checking for roof damage. Water spots on your interior, however, are a sign of a roof leak in its latter stages. What makes leaks especially difficult to locate is that the water doesn’t drip straight down. It usually travels along your roof panels before dripping into your insulation and leaving telltale water spots on your ceiling. This can cause extensive and costly damage to your entire home, so be sure to call ABM Services and Renovations for an emergency roof repair.
Black Stains on Your Roof
Black stains on the roof mean that algae are growing on your shingles. Your roof is highly visible from the curb, so while this is not a particularly invasive problem, it greatly diminishes your home’s appeal. We don’t recommend going up to your roof and cleaning it yourself as this is a risky task. Rather, when you notice black spots on your roof while observing it at floor level, turn to a professional like us for a more thorough inspection.
Our team at ABM Services and Renovation can provide you with an accurate assessment of your roof’s condition and offer the necessary repairs. If we deem that repairs won’t be enough, we’ll recommend a new construction roof to keep your home beautiful and protected. To learn more about the different roofing services we offer, call us today at (770) 282-3700. You can also get a free quote. We serve Sandy Springs, Fayetteville, and McDonough, GA.