What Is a Roof Boot and Why Is It Important?

What Is a Roof Boot and Why Is It Important?

A roof boot is also known as a plumbing vent boot, pipe boot or pipe flashing. It’s commonly made from lead, which is a flexible metal. This is important because it allows the roofing contractor to adjust the base to the roof pitch and bend the top of the boot into the pipe end for a weathertight seal. 

Read on as ABM Services & Renovations explains everything you need to know about roof boots.

What Is a Roofing Boot?

A roof boot is a preformed flashing for waterproofing pipe penetrations of a roof, similar to plumbing vent pipes and electrical service mast pipes. Pipe vents that run up from your kitchen and bathrooms out through your roof are covered by roof boots. 

Some roof boots are made with a rubber sleeve that slides over the pipe and snugs to it. It’s recommended to use a pipe clamp at the top because rubber can become loose and will eventually fail. The clamp will also make the boot last longer. 

Why Is It Important?

Your roof contracts and expands as the outside temperature changes. As your roof moves, the roof boot can shift, peel up or crack, resulting in roofing issues. When your roof boot shifts or becomes damaged, it can allow water to enter your roof. 

A roof leak can allow moisture to reach the vent pipe into your home, resulting in water stains on ceilings and walls of your kitchen and bathroom. High-quality roof boots are made to move with your roof. However, not all roofers install quality roof boots. To reduce costs, some contractors use cheap roof boots, which are likely to fail early. 

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