What a Roof Soffit Is and Why Your Home Needs It

What a Roof Soffit Is and Why Your Home Needs It

The term “soffit” is derived from the Latin word “suffixus,” which referred to something “fastened below.” Today, the word is mainly used as a roofing term. Just think of soffit as your roof’s underside that connects the overhang to the siding of your home.

Soffit by Design

From an aesthetic point of view, a roof soffit is like the layer covering your eaves and rafter beams of your roof. Soffits are available in many styles to suit the overall design of your home’s exterior. Whether you want something simple and minimalist or a more elaborate design, there’s a soffit option that will complement your home’s aesthetic.

Soffit by Function

Along with its visual features, a roof soffit also protects your rafters from the elements. It helps prevent rot and mold from building up in your rafters. Whether it’s for a residential or commercial roof installation, soffit lining should always be installed by experienced, professional contractors.

While it serves to cover the internal roof structure of your home, a roof soffit is not completely sealed. It also functions as a vent so that air can flow through the roof and circulate in your attic. A vented soffit helps your home breathe.

During summer, your attic draws in more heat. Without ventilation, it retains that heat and your home will feel uncomfortably warm. You’ll be running the AC nonstop, leading to a spike in your energy bills. The same goes for winter, but with moisture building up instead. This leads to mold and rot, which can compromise your roof’s structure.

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