6 Ways to Update Your Deck

Summer may be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean you have to be done using your deck space. Read on to learn how to update your deck to make it an easy-to-use space during the cooler months ahead.

Your local roofing company in Fayetteville, GA, is here to give you helpful tips as you update your outdoor space.

1. Clean It: Properly washing your deck can help improve its look while also helping extend its life. Something as simple as removing dirt and debris can almost make your patio feel brand new.

2. Add a Cover: Adding an awning or pergola is another way you can completely change the feel of your outdoor space. You may appreciate the extra cover as the fall turns to winter and the rainy season approaches.

3. Stain It: Your deck in Fayetteville can also be updated with a simple staining. You can either darken or lighten up your outdoor space with this simple task.

4. Build a Bench: A bench is an easy way to add an extra level of comfort. Add a cushion and some pillows to make it even more cozy for the fall months.

5. Install a Wind Blocker: As the weather starts to trend downwards, you may want to help keep your outdoor space warm. Creating a wall on one side of the deck may be enough to block some of the chillier breezes.

6. Brighten It Up: Adding light fixtures in the form of rope lights, sconces or candles may help brighten up your outdoor space as the days start to get shorter. You can enjoy your Fayetteville exterior improvements more with additional light outdoors.

A deck is a great place to hang out during the summer, and with a few updates you can make it a great place for the fall as well. Work with the top roofing company in Fayetteville, GA, to discuss your deck update options.