Ways to Address Black Mold and Streaks

Ways to Address Black Mold and Streaks

Your roof is one of the most prominent features of your home, so its appearance can make or break your home’s appearance. Black mold and streaks may appear over time and compromise curb appeal. ABM Services and Renovations Inc., a leading roofing contractor in the area, discusses what causes these issues and how to address them.

Ways to Address Black Mold and Streaks

Cause of Black Mold and Streaks

Black mold results in cosmetic issues that affect many roofing systems, especially neglected asphalt shingles. These dark streaks are often caused by gloeocapsa magma (GM), a cyanobacterium that thrives through photosynthesis. This type of alga also feeds on the limestone filler found in the composition of shingles.

Apart from the black streaks, you can also spot blue-green GM on the northern and eastern portions of your roof. The color is due to an outer coating that protects it from the ultraviolet rays and is most visible in the northern or eastern side of your roof.


This is more than just an aesthetic issue. Fungi and algae that accumulate on your roof can form lichens. This is a photosynthetic fungus with roots that wrap around the granules and are much more difficult to remove than black mold alone. Moreover, scrubbing off this type of organism may impair your roofing system even more.

To preserve your home’s beauty, get in touch with your local roofing contractor. They will inspect the area and suggest the most effective solutions.

Working With Pros

Dealing with black mold is something you should not do by yourself. Hire professional roofers to take care of the job for you. They may recommend replacing the shingles afflicted with dark streaks if there are only a few panels. A full roof replacement, however, may be necessary if the black mold has spread to different portions of your roof.

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