Top Ways a Leaky Roof Can Put Your Home at Risk

Top Ways a Leaky Roof Can Put Your Home at Risk

A leaky roof poses many risks for your home, which is why it’s crucial to address this problem immediately. Even a seemingly small leak will worsen and cause significant damage if it’s not dealt with promptly. Read on as ABM Services and Renovations, your top roofing contractor, discusses some of the risks of a roof leak:

Top Ways a Leaky Roof Can Put Your Home at Risk

Compromised Structure

A chronic roof leak can eventually damage the rafters, ceiling and walls. This induces wood rot and impaired structural integrity, causing your roof to fail early. This is a serious roof problem, which is why you should call us if you start seeing the signs. We will determine the source of the roof leak, analyze the condition of your roof and offer the best solution.

Mold Issues

Leaks on the roof can also encourage mold and mildew growth. These could spread throughout your living space and do further damage. Furthermore, mold and mildew can compromise your indoor air quality and trigger health problems for you and your family. Investing in prompt roof repair makes all the difference in avoiding these problems.

Interior Damage

Cracks on the roof allow water into your attic, where it will damage any items kept there. It will also ruin the paint on nearby walls and short out electrical circuits, which is a fire hazard. If you detect stains on your ceilings or pooling water on the floor, you need to call a roofer immediately. A sudden increase in your energy expenses is also another indicator as the leaks may have soaked your attic insulation, causing your HVAC units to work overtime to compensate.

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