The Differences Between Handymen and Roofing Contractors

The Differences Between Handymen and Roofing Contractors

Both handymen and roofing contractors fix things that are broken in your home. So, what’s the real difference between them? In this post, ABM Services and Renovations discusses the individual differences between handymen and roofing contractors.


A handyman is essentially a “jack of all trades.” While a handyman can typically conduct minor roof repair work such as replacing your blown off shingles or repairing your damaged gutters and downspouts, a more extensive roofing project should be handled by an experienced roofer. Another difference between handymen and roofing contractors is that most projects handymen handle don’t require permits or special machinery as they’re small scale enough to be done with standard tools.

Roofing Contractors

If your roof needs serious attention, a roofing contractor is the one to call. Roofing contractors have undergone extensive training on roof repair and replacement and are often certified by the manufacturers whose products they carry. This gives you peace of mind that the work they’ll do on your home is accurate and thorough. 

Examples of the type of work roofing contractors handle include replacing the entire roofing system, adding ridge vents for attic ventilation or finding and fixing leaks. Such projects will also likely require a building permit, a diverse team to complete all the different components of the project and specialized equipment. 

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