The Benefits of Hiring a BBB-Accredited Business

The Benefits of Hiring a BBB-Accredited Business

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a widely recognized and trusted organizations committed to helping consumers find reputable contractors and businesses. At ABM Services & Renovations, we are proud to be a BBB-Accredited roofing contractor. In this blog, we explain how contractors qualify for this designation and discuss the benefits you can enjoy when you hire a BBB-Accredited Business.

The Benefits of Hiring a BBB-Accredited Business

BBB Accreditation Requirements

The BBB has a stringent set of requirements that applicant businesses must comply with:

  1. The company has to have been in business for at least six months.

  2. A roofing contractor in the state of Georgia must bear a valid license issued by the State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors. They must also be bonded and insured, with coverage for liability and workers’ compensation.

  3. The company should have no unresolved customer complaints.

  4. The company should have no governmental ethics violations.

  5. The company should have fulfilled all contracts and promises that were made through business practices and advertising.

  6. The company should comply with both governmental and BBB advertising laws and codes.

  7. The company website should provide and follow a privacy policy and offer a secure means for financial transactions.

ABM Services & Renovations has been providing roof replacement and repair services as a BBB-Accredited Business since 2011. We have maintained a consistent A-plus rating with an average customer review of five stars.

The Benefits of Hiring a BBB-Accredited Contractor

Contractors like us proudly display their BBB-Accredited Business badge on their websites. It’s your assurance of a company’s trustworthiness. You know that every transaction with us will be straightforward and honest. Costs associated with your project will be in writing and you can count on us to honor the written cost.

In the event that your roof develops problems, we will make every effort to make it right. We don’t just install roofs and move on to the next. We develop long-term relationships with our customers through quality products and services. Our designation as a BBB-accredited business will put to rest any doubts you may have if you’re on the fence about hiring us.

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