The Basic Elements of a Good Deck Design

The Basic Elements of a Good Deck Design

A deck is a great home addition if you enjoy spending time outdoors. It’s a perfect spot to hold Sunday brunches or gather friends for drinks. If you’re interested in adding a deck to your home, you need to know the elements of a great deck design. 

Good Deck Design

Take Cues From the House

One of the best ways to ensure your deck looks like an integrated part of the house is by taking cues from your house. For instance, you may want the railings and posts for the deck to match similar elements found on your yard or porch. In older houses, consider using brick or stone for posts instead of wood. You also have to consider the size of your home when determining the scale of the deck. A small home requires a small deck while taller houses have elevated decks.

Hide Unsightly Features

Some features of a deck may look unsightly. Nails and fasteners, for example, may interrupt smooth decking profiles. Fortunately, a smart deck contractor understands structural work and how to hide features that may detract from the beauty of your deck. Hidden fasteners help exposed nail or screw heads. Meanwhile, some high-end decks contain a decorative border around the perimeter that defines the deck’s edge. 

Control How People Enter and Exit

The ideal deck should be beautiful and practical. A deck placed next to the kitchen may make it easier to move food and dishes back and forth. However, if you place the deck where it can be entered only from the living room, this can lead to dirty carpets and may disrupt people watching the TV. As such, you need to carefully consider the seamless indoor-outdoor transition when designing your deck. Large French or sliding glass doors look stylish and inviting and are great entry and exit points for your deck. 

Incorporate an Outdoor Kitchen

While patio and deck spaces are often utilized as gathering and dining areas, many homeowners enhance theirs further by incorporating a small kitchen composed of a built-in grill and stainless steel exterior cabinets. These cabinets can be also used as storage.

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