Strategies for Different Levels of Commercial Roof Damage

Strategies for Different Levels of Commercial Roof Damage

Commercial roofs have different needs than residential roofs when it comes to repair. The repair strategies your commercial roof installation company will use will vary depending on the extent of the damage as well as a few other factors.

Commercial Roof Damage

The Extent of Roofing Damage

Depending on the extent of the damage, repair may be possible rather than full replacement. This is obviously going to be a cheaper option, but it’s not always practical. If your roofing contractor finds that the damage to your roof is too extensive, they may recommend that you opt for a complete tear-off and replacement job. 

To determine which option is best, your roofing contractor will need to perform a thorough inspection. They will check if there is excess moisture present below the membrane. If more than 25 percent of your commercial roof is damaged, then a complete replacement will likely be the recommendation.  

Roofing Budget

If you are like most businesses, then you probably don’t have an unlimited roofing budget. If you are working with a smaller budget and if your roof has only sustained minor damage, then repairs are definitely your best bet provided that the membrane and other important internal components are in relatively good condition. If the membrane has reached or is nearing the end of its serviceable life, then re-roofing may be a good alternative to a full-on replacement.

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