Should You Change Your Roof’s Pitch?

Should You Change Your Roof’s Pitch?

Is your roof pitch working for you, or should you seek to have it altered? Adjusting the pitch is more than just a simple roof replacement since it requires significant structural changes in the walls, ridges and rafters. Read on as your trusted roofing contractor, ABM Services & Renovations Inc, discusses certain situations where it might make sense to alter the pitch.

Change Your Roof’s Pitch

You Have Serious Roofing Issues

If you’re dealing with issues, like a sagging roofing system, then you probably have some serious issues with your roof’s fundamental elements. This issue is especially common for older homes that haven’t been well maintained. If you’re going to revamp your roofing system, you might as well change up your roofing pitch to suit your current needs.

You’re Planning a Home Addition

If you’re planning on building a home addition, you’ll need to consult with a roofing contractor. You can have your roof pitch changed as well to improve your home’s performance, functionality and appearance. 

You Want More Head Room

If you don’t want a new building but you’re wishing for a higher ceiling room, then changing your roof’s pitch might be a good solution. This is because raising your ceiling’s height means changing the roofing slope, resulting in a higher-pitched roofing system.

Regardless of your reasons for changing your roof’s pitch, the most important thing to remember is that this job must be accomplished by a skilled roofing contractor. Doing so will ensure that your roofing project will give you the best results.

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