Roofing Installation: 4 Common Rookie Mistakes

Roofing Installation: 4 Common Rookie Mistakes

There are many reasons why roofing installation is best left to professionals. But if you only need one reason, it’s because trained professionals have the experience not to commit major installation mistakes. In today’s post, ABM Services & Renovations discusses common rookie installation mistakes you will never have to worry about when you work with a professional roofing contractor.

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1. Mismatched Shingles — Mismatched shingles are unsightly and usually happens when a contractor buys shingles in bulk from suppliers that sell old stock. This leaves the contractor with a limited amount of shingles, and if they miscalculated the number of needed shingles for a project, they’ll be forced to use a different product. In addition to affecting curb appeal, mismatched shingles can make the roof unreliable.

2. Reroofing — Reroofing is the practice of installing a new roof without removing the old one. Some homeowners are enticed to do this because of the lower upfront cost, as it bypasses tear-off and disposal of the old roof. However, it also bypasses essential steps like inspecting the roofing structure for damage, as well as performing necessary repairs and structural improvements, increasing the chance of early roofing failure. Professional roofing contractors and manufacturers recommend standard roofing installation processes to ensure reliable long-term performance.

3. Incorrect Use of Roofing Nails — Inexperienced roofers make the mistake of applying the same installation method to all asphalt shingles they install. The problem with this approach is that roofing manufacturers have specific installation requirements for their products. Among these requirements is the use of specific nail or fastener patterns. Deviating from these requirements can result in problems such as damage to adjacent shingles and accelerated deterioration. It may even void the warranty coverage.

4. Not Installing Starter Strips — Starter strips are the first rows of shingles that are installed at the roof’s edge. Unlike the rest of the roof, starter strips are installed as a single roll of material. Fewer seams at the roof edge helps protect the roof from wind damage and water infiltration. Rookie contractors tend to use regular asphalt shingles because either they’re still sticking to outdated installation methods, or did not have access to starter strips in the first place.

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