Roof Replacement: Keeping the Mess in Check

Roof Replacement: Keeping the Mess in Check

Replacing an entire roof is a messy job. It involves tearing off all the old materials, sometimes including damaged wooden decking boards. There is no way to pull it off without dust and debris, but you can keep the mess in check if you make smart decisions. Use ABM Services and Renovation’s tips below.


Roof Replacement: Keeping the Mess in Check

Hire a Roofer That Uses the Equiptor

The Equiptor is a self-propelled trailer designed to catch roofing materials upon removal before they touch the ground. This machine has wide tires, allowing it to move freely around the yard without leaving unsightly marks. Roofers that use the Equiptor, like ABM Services and Renovations, lay down tarps to protect the landscape from the debris the trailer cannot collect.

Do Not Count on Verbal Promises

Cleanup is not always a part of standard roof repair and replacement service. And not all roofers that agree to do this task will actually follow through.

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure complete cleanup and disposal of old materials are included in your roofer’s list of responsibilities. The crew is not obligated to do anything outside of that list, so make sure they are contractually required to keep your house clean after construction.

Construction-Proof Your Interior

Expect a lot of pounding and vibration during roof replacement. To prevent your valuables stored in the attic from being covered with dust during construction, cover them in ahead of time. The crew usually do not work inside the house, so this task falls to you.

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