Roof Inspections: The 5 Things Every Contractor Should Check First

Roof Inspections: The 5 Things Every Contractor Should Check First

Every roof maintenance plan should include regular roof inspections as an essential part of the roof care routine. Roof inspections allow you to locate and address minor damage before it can cause further problems. When roof damage isn’t taken care of promptly,  you could eventually be looking at costly repairs or even an emergency roof replacement.ABM Services and Renovations, the leading commercial roof installation company, discusses the five roof components every inspector should check first.

Roof Inspections: The 5 Things Every Contractor Should Check First


The first thing your roof inspector checks into is the condition of your roof shingles. The inspector checks the shingles to determine if any are discolored, cracked, missing, curling/cupping, or exhibiting granule loss. When your roof shingles start showing these signs, you’re due (or nearly due) for a roof replacement.


Ventilation is one of the most important aspects of a roofing system. An inspector checks both the soffit and fascia vents, as well as other roof vents, to see if they’re still functioning correctly or have any damage from recent storms. Vents may need cleaning to remove accumulated dust.


Leaks are likely to develop in the weak spots of the roof covered by the flashing. Flashing is a vital roof component that requires a keen eye to determine if it needs replacement. When flashing is left damaged, you’re more likely to experience water damage on your roof and other parts of your home.


Water damage is a roof’s worst enemy. Gutters help prevent water from harming your roofing system, which is why a roof inspector thoroughly examines the rain gutters for blockage, damage or dents. When an inspector spots gutter damage, it’s time to call your trusted gutter and roofing contractor at ABM Services and Renovations for repairs or a replacement.

Roof Protrusions

Roof inspectors should also take some time to assess the condition of your chimney and skylight, if you have them, to ascertain if these protrusions are in good condition. If damaged, they could potentially cause leaks which could lead to water damage inside the house.

You’re not only doing your roof a favor by scheduling a roof inspection, you’re also giving yourself peace of mind with the assurance that your roof is in great shape.

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