New Roof No Mess

New Roof No Mess

New Roof No Mess for Georgia Residents and Businesses

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Concerned about having your shrubs, flower beds and property destroyed by ladders and falling debris like nails and shingles? At ABM Services and Renovations Inc we go the extra mile not only to deliver quality workmanship and service but to protect your landscaping and homes exterior. With this state of the art debris management machine called the Equipter, we’re able to promise our customers, New Roof No Mess.

Many roofing contractors find it easier just to drop things from the roof, leaving a trail of destruction. Not us. We care about customer experiences and take each project seriously, collecting debris as we go with the “Equipter.” This means you don’t have to worry about finding or stepping on nails and other supplies during or long after your roofing project has been completed.

The Equipter fits in tight spaces, and can go where most trucks and roofing trailers can’t. With its wide tires, it navigates particularly well in yards with minimal tracking. The lift and rear extension features allow its container to sit over the tops of shrubs while reaching back under the roof overhang. Once it is stationed under the roof overhang, debris is pushed off the rooftop directly into the container. No massive piles of garbage on your lawn and landscaping. In a nutshell: NEW ROOF NO MESS!

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