Keeping the Roofing Promise: “New Roof, No Mess”

Keeping the Roofing Promise: “New Roof, No Mess”

Roof replacement is messy. It involves sawdust, wood shavings, old roof materials and more. That’s why you need a roofing contractor that’s as thorough about cleanup as they are with the actual installation. At ABM Services and Renovations, we control and manage the mess that naturally occurs in every roofing project we handle.

Our Mess Control System

We use an advanced machine called the Equipter RB4000 to manage roof debris. This self-propelled roofing trailer is specifically designed to keep roof mess to a minimum. The Equipter trailer has a scissor lift function, which captures torn off shingles before they fall to the ground. Its wide tires won’t leave a single trace on your surroundings. We also keep your landscape neat and tidy by covering the ground with tarps to gather any roof debris that evades the Equipter.

Benefits of a Clean Work Zone

Peace of mind is the biggest benefit you can get from a roofing contractor that values a clean work zone. A contractor that’s scrupulous about cleaning up helps prevent safety hazards around the work area. You can freely move about without worrying about stepping on a rusty nail or getting splinters.

Another major benefit is time efficiency, as you won’t have to spend time tidying up your property. Instead, you’d have free time with your family and for other important matters.

We aim to leave your property as we found it, but with a better roofing system over your head. ABM Services and Renovations is the company to hire for all your residential and commercial roof installation needs. We keep our promise of excellence and cleanliness with all the projects we handle. Call us now at (770) 282-3700 or fill out our contact form to get a free project estimate. We proudly serve residents of Locust Grove and Sandy Springs, GA.