Is Your Deck Ready for Spring?

Is Your Deck Ready for Spring?

Homeowners typically prepare their houses for the warmer weather during spring. Outdoor spaces like decks and patios usually get more attention, so here’s a guide to help you determine whether your deck needs a refresh or an upgrade. 

Deck Ready for Spring

Signs That Your Deck Is Not Ready for Spring

Here are the common signs that your deck needs to be prepared.

  • Cracked or Rotting Wood: If the wood on your deck is bent and warped, it may be time for a replacement. Additionally, moisture from the environment can cause degraded wood that requires repair before use. 
  • Loose Screws or Nails: Unsecured screws and nails signal a safety hazard immediately needing attention. 
  • Missing or Damaged Railings: The absence of strong railings on your deck can be a serious hazard, especially for kids and pets. Replacing damaged rails will increase the safety and aesthetic appeal of your deck.

Preparing Your Deck for Spring

Here are steps that you can take to prepare your deck for spring.

Cleaning and Sealing

Before any repairs, removing dirt and debris with gentle pressure washing is important. If aged paint or sealant looks stained or worn out, a new coat will keep the surfaces protected from water damage.

Repairing Damaged Areas

Issues like broken boards, loose screws and nails should be fixed. Addressing these problems early on can extend your deck’s lifespan and avoid more extensive damage associated with moisture.

Adding Decorative Accents

Adding string lights, hanging plants, furniture pieces or beautiful accent walls allows you to update the look without full deck replacement. This also allows you to change the look of your deck depending on the season or occasion. 

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