Increasing Roof Deck Securement

Do you need a commercial roof replacement near Sandy Springs, GA? If your building has a membrane roof assembly, you may need to think about implementing new securing methods in order to increase the wind resistance of your structure. Membrane roofs are at risk for wind uplift, which takes place when the pressure below the membrane is greater than that above it.

Factory Mutual Global, an insurance company that specializes in loss prevention, has a testing laboratory, FM Approvals. FM Approvals tests different building materials to gauge how they can help reduce property damage. This laboratory has recently updated their guidelines regarding how contractors should secure roof decks. Not all buildings have to follow these guidelines, but they could still be referenced in order to give the roof more structural integrity.

Extra Fasteners

One of the biggest revisions to the guidelines regards the corners of the roof system. Roofers should now place 75 percent more fasteners at each corner than previously recommended. It is also recommended that 160 percent more adhesive is used on each corner. While it may seem drastic to increase the corner fasteners by so much, it does make sense to add extra protection to the most susceptible area of the roof.

Look at the Rating

If your building is insured by FM Global, you need to make sure all of the products used to create your roof system are FM approved. The roofing company you work with should be able to help you pick out the products that are right for you. You and your contractor can review the FM Global loss prevention data sheet which discusses the proper roof deck securement, according to their research.

Quality Products and Installation

No matter what insurance company you work with, you want to have a high-quality roof. You need to work with a roofing company that provides access to quality products from trusted manufacturers. Check with references to ensure the company has the knowledge and expertise needed to properly install your system as well.