Important Questions You May Not Have Thought to Ask Your Potential Roofer

Important Questions You May Not Have Thought to Ask Your Potential Roofer

Hiring a reliable contractor is important for the success of your roofing project. To that end, you need to ask the right questions to determine a roofer’s eligibility for the job. 

Here are some key questions you may not have thought of before that you need to ask your prospective roofing contractor.  

What’s Your Legal Business Name?

Beware of contractors who seem hesitant or unclear with their answers. You should also ask for a copy of state licenses or proof of insurance. Verify the information they provided in state and federal directories. You can’t trust contractors whose names don’t exist in official directories.

What Level of Roofing Insurance Do You Have?

Insurance level requirements depend on the type of contractor and can vary by state. You can find information on the insurance level needed in your state online. Look for .gov websites for reliable results. A credible roof replacement contractor will be happy to provide a copy of their liability policy via email following the phone call. They’ll provide the exact match or an amount exceeding the minimum state requirements. 

Who Will Take Charge of the Roofing Installation?

You can’t always count on the company owner to look after the roofers during the installation. Roofing companies works on multiple projects at a time. Ask your potential contractor who will supervise the project and make sure the roofers comply with local laws and manufacturer’s guidelines. They can send the owner, company manager or a project manager to the site.  

Keep in mind that roofers work better when there’s an expert in charge. Avoid a contractor that says their installers are so experienced they don’t require supervision. 

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