Important Information That Your Contract Should Have

Pay careful attention to your contract when undertaking a new construction or home improvement project. It is your responsibility to protect yourself and carefully read your contract’s terms, clauses, and conditions.

Today, ABM Services and Renovations will discuss the sections that every home improvement contract needs to have:

  • Project Description: This includes the scope of the work and description of all the necessary materials for your project. The materials listing needs to include the specific brand names and the grade of quality of the material. Copies of blueprints and plans also need to be presented together with the contract.
  • Licenses, Permits, and Inspections: Top roofers recommend that the information about these details should be as specific as possible. Your contract needs to include license numbers along with the name of the people responsible for obtaining permits and licenses.
  • Project Start and Final Completion Dates: In addition to specifying project start date and final completion date, the contract must also include interim completion dates for multi-phase projects. It also needs to specify daily start and end times.
  • Payment Amounts and Due Dates: State and municipal laws can regulate how much money a contractor can require for their down payment. You can make the payment due dates contingent upon project phase completion milestones for large, multi-phase projects.
  • Insurance and Property Damage Liability: This section will make clear who is responsible in the unfortunate event of property damage. As a certified contractor, ABM Services and Renovations is fully insured.
  • Warranties or Guarantees: Warranties assure you that the contractor and manufacturer stand behind the work done on your project. They protect you from unnecessary expenses. We have earned certifications from industry-leading manufacturers, allowing us to offer excellent warranties.
  • Lien Releases or Lien Waivers: While this is not a standard item in every contract, you can ask your contractor about including it. A lien waiver or release states that if any supplier or subcontractor is owed money by the contractor, the homeowner is not responsible for it.

Reading your contract carefully before signing will help protect both you and your contractor and ensure a smooth and successful roof repair project. When you work with ABM Services and Renovations, we can discuss the contract and answer any questions you might have. We have served many areas in Georgia, including Sandy Springs, Fayetteville, and McDonough for many years. Call us at (770) 288-2368 to learn more about contracts or ask for a free quote.