How Weather Events Can Affect Your Roof

How Weather Events Can Affect Your Roof

Your roof endures a lot and is affected by many different weather conditions. In Atlanta, the climate is moderate year-round — summer months tend to be very hot and muggy and winter months are cold and wet with occasional snow and ice storms. In this article, a roof replacement contractor discusses how these weather elements can affect the condition of your roof.

how weather affects the roof


Rain is the weather event that affects many types of roofs on a regular basis. After heavy rainfall, it is important to inspect the roof and attic for any leaks, especially if you have an older home as day-to-day wear and tear can make it more vulnerable to serious damage. Be sure to patch up even the smallest cracks to prevent water from seeping into the system and cause issues like mold growth and wood rot.

Heat and Humidity

These two elements go hand-in-hand. Extreme heat can cause certain roofing components like the flashing to expand and shrink, resulting in immediate damage. Shingles can also crack and become brittle due to heat from the sun and excessive moisture caused by the humidity. Incorporate sufficient ventilation in the roof and attic to prevent your roofing system from sustaining costly damage.


Atlanta and nearby areas experience occasional snow in the winter months. Since snow assimilates wind and rain, it is another common culprit to blame for roofing damage. The additional weight that snow buildup puts on your roof can cause the system or gutters to collapse. It is a smart move to check the amount of snow on your roof every once in a while. It is recommended to clear your roof after six inches of snowfall have accumulated.

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