How Trex’s Plans to Increase Their Deck Output Affects You

How Trex’s Plans to Increase Their Deck Output Affects You

Wooden decks are charming, but prone to problems such as rot and termite damage. To remain in good condition, a wood deck needs a high level of ongoing maintenance that can be burdensome for many homeowners. 

The composite decks made by Trex®, however, don’t have these issues due to the fact that they’re made of a combination of recycled wood and plastic materials from landfills. With Trex’s plans for the future, more and more homeowners will be able to enjoy composite decks and help the environment at the same time

In this post, roofing contractor ABM Services and Renovations discusses Trex’s plans to invest in two new sites to increase their composite deck output and how homeowners can benefit from this.

Trex’s Two-Year Plan

Within the next two years, Trex plans to invest $200 million in two new sites: a new plant at their headquarters site and another at their plant in Fernley, NV. The goal is to increase their production output of composite decks, allowing them to meet rising demand.

How You Benefit

Composite decks offer homeowners the best of both worlds: a beautiful deck with the classic appeal of wood, but without wood’s weaknesses. By investing in a Trex deck, you’re helping the environment and boosting the beauty and functionality of your outdoor living space at the same time.

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