How to Troubleshoot Common Downspout Issues

How to Troubleshoot Common Downspout Issues

Every homeowner will probably have to deal with a downspout problem at some point. Your downspouts’ job is to deflect water away from your home’s foundation, preventing serious water damage. So if you notice your downspouts are no longer functioning as they should, calling your roofing contractor is a good place to start. In today’s post, we explain how to address the most common downspout issues you may encounter.

 Common Downspout Issues

An insufficient number of downspouts. In some cases, there are just not enough downspouts to handle the runoff. This usually causes gutters to overflow. To avoid further damage, you might need to install more downspouts. You can also consider hiring a professional to inspect your system and tell you whether your current system is sufficient.

Clogging. If water pours over the edges of your gutters, your downspouts are probably clogged with debris like leaves, twigs and small branches. Neglecting the matter may cause water to find its way into your basement. This can lead to significant damage.Installing seamless gutters is a good way to solve this problem because they are less prone to clogs than sectional gutters. In addition, installing a high-quality gutter protection system and staying on top of gutter maintenance are also key.

Incorrect size of downspouts. Roofing and gutter contractors make sure that the downspouts are properly sized prior to installation. If the system isn’t sized properly, it won’t have the capacity to direct enough water away from your home. You may need to replace your downspouts if they’re too small. But if insufficient length is the only issue, downspout extenders can be installed to solve the issue.

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