How to Choose the Perfect Site for Your Deck

How to Choose the Perfect Site for Your Deck

Choosing the location for your deck installation is challenging and can affect the overall appearance of your outdoor space. Some people want the deck to be an extension of their kitchen while others want to build it right outside the living room. There are several important factors that you need to consider in order to figure out the best location for your deck. A home exterior improvement and commercial roof installation expert shares some top tips in this article.

choosing site for your deck


This is a crucial factor when determining deck placement. It is recommended that you install the deck in your backyard because it offers modest privacy, especially if you are building it around a pool or an outdoor tub. In some cases, homeowners might need to add features, like lattice panels, to enhance privacy.

Access From the House

Another factor to think about is how the residents will access the deck from inside the house. According to roofing and home improvement companies, a functional outdoor space should be easily accessible, that is why most builders recommend installing them as an extension of the house. If you plan the deck to be an outdoor kitchen, you should be able to step out of the room and onto the deck without hassle.

Sun Exposure

A deck is a great outdoor space where you can enjoy cool breezes and the warmth of the sun. When picking out a location for your deck, consider how intensely the sun hits that spot. If you live in a warm, humid climate, a place that receives adequate shade during the hottest hours of the day is ideal. Homes in a cooler climate, on the other hand, require a location that receives the most sunlight during usage hours.

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