How Hot Weather Damages Flat Roofs

How Hot Weather Damages Flat Roofs

It is known that heat and humidity are two of the main causes of roofing wear, which affects different systems in different ways. Here, experts from ABM Services & Renovations Inc will discuss how your roof is specifically affected by the hot weather.

Weather Damages Flat Roofs
  1. Blistering. Moisture is expected to penetrate the outer roofing surface through punctures or cracks. This then causes expansion, resulting in blisters or bubbles. If caught early, your roof may require no more than a few spot repairs.
  2. Thermal movement. As mentioned, changes in temperature cause materials to expand and contract. On materials like modified bitumen roofs, this can result in cracks on the surface. Fully-adhered or fastened membrane roofing may pull at the fasteners as the material expands, which can result in torn spots. Thermal expansion and contraction may also result in flashing getting torn off the roof prompting a roof replacement.
  3. Pooled water. Poor drainage makes a flat roof vulnerable to water pooling. Hence, this occurs when there are installation errors, dents on the substrate, and/or improper roofing slope. Standing water on the roof can cause many problems. It weakens the adhesive used on the roof seams, which can later lead to water infiltration. If water on the roof doesn’t drain after 72 hours, you have to call your roofing contractor. Remember that if this is neglected, the growth of mold and mildew will lead to rotting and structural damage.

Above all, fixes due to defects may be easily avoided once you prioritize calling a professional roofer for regular inspections. Whether you are in need of roofing services like roof repair, ABM Services & Renovations Inc can assess your needs and provide you with a plan to get started. Give us a call today at (470) 828-0238, or fill out our convenient online form