How Does Humidity Affect Roof Systems?

How Does Humidity Affect Roof Systems?

Humidity can have a significant impact on your home, particularly your roof system. Every day your roof is exposed to heat. And when this is combined with moisture, your roof and attic can experience a range of issues, including mold growth, rotting and other kinds of damage.

Roof Humidity

In this post, reputable roofing contractor ABM Services & Renovations further discusses how humidity can affect your roof system and how you can prevent damage from humidity.

How Damage From Humidity Can Occur

Minimal indoor humidity is generally OK for your attic and roof. But when the amount of moisture becomes excessive, this can put your roof at risk of water damage and other problems. Humidity can particularly affect your roof and the wood materials in the structure of your rooftop. And when moisture gets trapped in your attic or crawl space, it can accumulate and form into condensation. Before you know it, molds have formed on your roof rafters, attic floor joists and roof joists.

Moisture can also cause wooden components to rot and the plywood roof sheathing to weaken. The layers of the plywood can separate because of this.

Preventing Humidity Damage

Roofing professionals often emphasize the importance of proper roof maintenance to protect your roof system against heat and humidity. If there are minor issues with your roof, make sure to carry out repairs immediately. Delayed repairs typically end up costing more, and they can sometimes lead to complete roof replacement.

Apart from regular maintenance and timely repairs, ensure that your roofing ventilation is functional and effective. Proper venting can minimize the impact of humidity on your roof. It allows air to circulate freely, so molds won’t be able to grow on surfaces and condensation won’t be a problem.

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