How Can Roof Inspections Save You Money?

How Can Roof Inspections Save You Money?

One piece of advice you will receive from every roofing contractor is to inspect your roof regularly. This will allow you to identify and address minor problems before they worsen, which will save you time, money and hassle in the long run. In today’s post, roofing contractor ABM Services & Renovations shares an overview of how regular roofing inspections help you save money.

How Can Roof Inspections Save You Money?

Roofing Inspections

Professionally conducted roofing inspections are typically scheduled every three years for asphalt shingle roofs, while metal and slate require inspections every five years. A thorough roofing inspection should cover all parts of the roof, from the soffits and roof edge to the ridge caps. Problems in areas such as valleys and ridges are not as noticeable from the ground and can be easily overlooked by inexperienced inspectors and DIYers.

After we conduct our roofing inspections, we sit down with the homeowner and discuss our findings. The report is usually supplemented by photos, along with a written estimate of the repair costs. We will also help the homeowner plan the repairs over the following months, starting with the most urgent repairs. We understand that repairs can be costly when done all at once.

How Do Roofing Inspections Save You Money?

The smaller the problems are, the less expensive they are to fix. Since roofs are always exposed to the elements, it doesn’t take long before a minor problem develops into a major one. For example, a small gap at the roof edge starter strip may be discovered during inspection. This gap can be repaired quickly and at little cost. If unaddressed, a small gap can quickly grow, causing damage that’s more complicated and expensive to fix.

Assuming your insurance provider will cover most of the repair costs, there’s still the deductible costs to pay for. And if the roof damage leads to further damage that might not be covered by insurance, that further increases costs. Comparably, scheduled roofing inspections and timely repairs cost a fraction of what it would cost to restore a severely damaged roof.

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