Dealing With Wind Damage on Your Gutters

Dealing With Wind Damage on Your Gutters

Extreme weather conditions are one of the reasons why homeowners call for a roof replacement. The deterioration of your roofing system, including your gutters, is deemed inevitable due to damages that can be done by storms and their strong winds. To enlighten you more about it, here are factors you should consider. 

Dealing With Wind Damage on Your Gutters
  • Metal Fatigue. This can affect the screws or nails holding the gutters in place as well. While cracks in the metal can spread quickly, regular inspections can help you detect this problem before it’s too late to fix it.
  • Blown Debris. Wind can carry debris into the air during a storm. This is why you are urged to keep an eye out for signs of rot and corrosion, such as pieces falling off the fascia, peeling or blistering paint, and brown streaks coming from fasteners. As a tip, ask your roof repair contractor to use stainless steel screws.
  • Tree Limbs. These can easily scratch the paint and caulking on your gutters. This prompts the exposure of the bare metal underneath to leaks and corrosion. 

What You Can Do

  1. Clean your gutters regularly.
  2. Consider installing gutter guards, so that leaves and needles are kept out of your gutters. This will allow the wind to remove debris when dry. 
  3. Experts note that trees need to be at least two feet away. This is key to preventing the wind from harming your gutters or roof.
  4. Call for a  local contractor. While cleaning your gutters can be a DIY activity, if you’re uncertain about having it properly tidied up, do not hesitate to hire a professional to have them inspected.

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