Common Causes of Asphalt Shingle Blistering

Common Causes of Asphalt Shingle Blistering

Asphalt shingle blistering has the power to affect  your roof’s performance as well as its appeal. The unsightly blemishes caused by blistering not only have a negative impact on the appearance of your roof’s exterior, they also create weak spots on your roof where leaks could easily form. To combat this roofing issue, it’s important to first learn what makes it happen in the first place.

Common Causes of Asphalt Shingle Blistering

ABM Services and Renovations, your leading roof repair company, talks about the most common causes of asphalt shingles blistering.

Trapped Moisture

If your roof isn’t rated to withstand extreme weather, moisture can get trapped under the shingles after heavy rainstorms. When exposed to excessive heat and direct sunlight, that water will begin to evaporate, which in turn causes the roofing materials to expand and form small blisters.

Poor Ventilation

Inadequate ventilation can also cause shingles to blister or deteriorate easily. This happens when the heat from the interior of your home continues circulating around the attic due to poor ventilation.

When it gets hot, your roof suffers, particularly your vulnerable asphalt shingles that have to deal with the fluctuating temperatures inside and outside your roof. When roof ventilation isn’t adequate, your roof’s life span can be sorely affected, and a premature roof replacement could eventually be necessary. In case you do seek roof replacement, it’s a good idea to talk to your contractor about installing enough vents to ensure that your new roof is well-ventilated and will last you a long time.

Manufacturing Defects

It’s quite rare for asphalt shingles to blister due to manufacturing defects, but not entirely impossible. This is a problem you may encounter if you buy low-quality shingles or have a shady “contractor” do the work.

Always look for top-quality shingles manufactured by trusted names like GAF, then have a reliable roofing company such as ABM Services and Renovations do the work.

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