Choosing a Deck Color

Choosing a Deck Color

Just like deciding the palette for your roofing system, choosing the right color for your deck can be quite a challenge. This is why it’s important to get professional help from your local contractors. This enables you to save money and time for the entire process. As a guide, we’ll share four tips you must remember that may aid you during this situation. 

Choosing a Deck Color
  • Consider your deck material. Take note that the amount of flexibility you can explore with your deck colors depends on the material. Experts suggest a wood deck would complement your house if it’s surrounded by vibrant earth colors which can be cedar, red, or moss.
  • Make use of the color wheel. A deck and roofing contractor say that when building a pleasing palette, homeowners must follow the rules of the color wheel. Try replicating that same setup in your deck colors and design, with a dominant tone as the main hue and two additional colors in supporting roles, such as with your furniture or accessories.
  • Test the colors first. Prior to choosing paint or stain, it is critical that you try the finish at least on a small area of your deck. To lessen the load, find some retailers that allow you to try out the color virtually using an online tool.
  • Applying the colors with ‘wear and tear’ in mind. Different spaces of your deck get used in a variety of ways hence both the shade and finish should be considerations in choosing your deck color. Also, remember that decks are required to be regularly inspected and cleaned, and any finish will require periodic upkeep and re-application.

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