Biggest Dangers of Having an Unprotected Gutter System


A gutter system is useless when congested with detritus. With no protection whatsoever, any clog would just the defeat the purpose of having gutters and downspouts. Before you know it, your home would be defenseless to a host of dangers otherwise could have been avoided.

At ABM Services and Renovations, we want to help protect your gutters. Without investing in our Debris Guard toppers, expect to deal with these problems at some point:

Water Damage

The most obvious and costly consequence of lacking a gutter protection system is water damage. Without any covering, clogging is almost inevitable. The blockage would disrupt the natural course of rain from your roof to the ground, causing the water to pond. No matter how robust your gutter system is, it’s not designed to support the weight of the trapped debris and water for an extended period. With nowhere to go, the water may overflow and seep into your home’s vulnerable areas, including your siding, foundation, and basement.

The dampening of your home’s wooden parts would cause deterioration. Slowly by surely, water would compromise their structural integrity and irreversibly damage them with rot.

Chronic water intrusion might promote mold and mildew growth. This is why we recommend installing Debris Guard. With our product, you can be sure to prevent water damage. After all, our gutter protection systems can handle virtually any downpour.


Other than the clear danger of water damage, the loosening of your gutter system presents a worrisome hazard too. Sagging gutters put your family in harm’s way, injuring anyone they fall onto. In addition, they could destroy your lovely landscaping. Apart from poor workmanship, clogging is always behind gutter sagging.

By contacting us at ABM Services and Renovations, you can have access to our top products and services, including replacement windows, residential roofing systems, and gutter protection systems. Adding our state-of-the-art toppers is a key preventive measure.

Leaves and Debris

Without having a protection system for your gutters, leaves and debris will accumulate without you noticing it. These unwanted guests would cause clogging. This can then lead to water damage to the siding, landscaping, and foundation.

Installing Debris Guard is the effective way to prevent these dangers. In fact, this would eliminate the need to clean your gutter system ever again. They would turn your gutters and downspouts maintenance-free for good.

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