An Overview of GAF’s Advanced Protection® Technology

An Overview of GAF’s Advanced Protection® Technology

As one of the few GAF Master Elite® roofers in the country, ABM Services and Renovations is proud to offer you a wide range of high-performance asphalt shingle systems from GAF. Each product combines beauty and high performance, protecting your home from the elements for decades.


GAF Advanced Protection

In this post, we discuss how GAF’s Advanced Protection® Technology works.

Advanced Protection Technology

Some people think of asphalt shingle roofs as “low-tech” systems that require constant roof repair. This couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to high-quality brands like GAF. GAF Shingles are not only highly durable, they’re also one of the more cost-efficient options to choose from.

Unlike other asphalt shingles, GAF shingles boast a low-profile technology that includes fiberglass, the heart of the shingle. This makes it surprisingly strong and more durable than standard shingle systems.

Asphalt Waterproofing

Advanced Protection Shingles feature a fiberglass core surrounded by a layer of asphalt, which is the primary waterproofing protection in the system. Unlike other shingle systems, GAF’s advanced process control optimizes the top part of the shingles, the most critical part.

Ordinary asphalt shingles are bottom-heavy with asphalt, which has no other benefit apart from increasing shingle weight. GAF instead uses premium limestone content as filler, optimized for maximum toughness, to bind the components of the asphalt.

Stronger Adhesives

Finally, GAF uses proprietary Dura Grip™ Adhesive locks to secure the shingles in place. This further increases the innate wind tolerance of the shingle system, making it a good all-weather option for your home.

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