Affordable Ways to Make Your Deck More Private

Affordable Ways to Make Your Deck More Private

Decks are great for entertaining friends and family or just enjoying a quiet afternoon with a book. However, you may not be able to enjoy your deck fully if it lacks privacy. In today’s post, the deck and roof replacement pros at ABM Services & Renovations share some easy and affordable ways to enhance privacy in your outdoor living space.

Old Shutters

Got old shutters in the shed? Attach them with zip ties to your wire fence for a removable privacy fence. You can also DIY a wooden fence frame for the shutters if you don’t have a wire fence. If that’s not to your liking, repurpose the shutters as a folding partition by using hinges.


You can also buy a multi-panel partition that’s easy to attach and remove. Wicker partitions are perfect for a deck.

Privacy Plants

Some plants grow faster than others. Emerald green thuja is a tree that grows up to five feet every year. Plant a few by your deck for some privacy. Another option is to simply buy faux boxwood hedges. You don’t have to wait for them to grow, and there’s no gardening work required!


While it’s a good idea to extend your roofing system so it partially covers your deck, this can be costly. A cheaper alternative is to buy a pop-up gazebo for privacy. It’s faster to set up and it’s also less costly. If you’re renting, you can always pack it up when you move.

Fabric Windscreen

A cheap privacy trick for decks, fabric windscreens are easy to attach to a chain link or wire fence with zip ties or twine.

Curtain Rods

Get freestanding curtain rods to deck out your deck in style. They’re affordable, just the right height, and easy to set up.

These are affordable and effective solutions to your deck privacy concerns. ABM Services & Renovations can build your value-adding deck. We also offer roof repair. Call us today at (770) 288-2368 or fill out our form for a free, no-obligation quote. We serve homeowners in McDonough and in Atlanta, GA.