4 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

With summer coming, now is the time to start thinking about your home’s efficiency. Hot temperatures and high humidity can both cause our air conditioners to work overtime during the warmest season. If you want to avoid costly cooling bills, follow these four steps to improve your in-home efficiency.

  1. Upgrade Siding

Siding and roofing contractors in Fayetteville know that your home’s exterior plays a major role in energy efficiency. If your siding is older than 15 years, for example, you could be losing significant insulation. Modern siding including vinyl and fiberglass options offer superior insulation and truly work to keep summer heat outside, where it belongs.

  1. Tend to Roof Repairs

If you know you lost a few shingles in the most recent storm, talk to your Manchester roofing contractor about making necessary repairs. Although shingles and efficiency may not seem related, the pair is more connected than you’d think. Weary shingles can allow water damage to seep further into your home, which ultimately bogs down your air conditioner with excess humidity.

  1. Promote Ventilation

Speaking of humidity, try your hardest to keep it low inside your house this summer. Excess moisture can not only make things feel hotter, but also prevent your air conditioner from operating efficiently. Help it out by utilizing ceiling fans and opening windows whenever possible.

  1. Replace an old Roof

Fayetteville roofing companies recommend against overextending your roof’s lifetime, as those extra years can cost you a fortune in energy bills and repairs. If your asphalt shingles were installed more than 15 year ago, for example, you could benefit greatly from upgrading to a new roof altogether. Metal models are particularly equipped to enhance efficiency, as they reflect most of the sun’s heat.

These are just four of the best ways to boost your home’s efficiency, but you can always ask your contractor for more suggestions.