4 Factors That Can Increase Your Roof Replacement Costs

4 Factors That Can Increase Your Roof Replacement Costs

You need to prepare a budget before you begin your roof replacement project. The budget will help you know how much money to set aside for every aspect of the job. However, hidden costs can still come up and inflate your costs. 

Roof Replacement Costs

Below are the four factors that can affect your overall roofing expenses.

1. Upgrades or Alterations

You don’t have to replace your roof with the same material as the existing one. You can upgrade the whole roof or some of its components, but take note that these changes will add to your expenses. To avoid overspending, make sure all the upgrades are included in your roof estimate. 

2. Seasonal Changes

Roofing estimates depend on multiple factors, including time and season. In fact, many roofing contractors give quotes that are valid for a limited time only. This is because roofing companies get more work during certain seasons than others, which means labor costs change over time.

That said, the roofing quotes you get today might no longer be valid five months down the line. Try to replace your roof within a short time after getting the quote. If you delay your project, get a new quote when you are ready for the replacement to ensure you have an accurate estimate.

3. Construction Damage

During a roofing project, there’s a possibility that your house might suffer unexpected damage, which might require additional home or roof repairs. Prevent this problem by covering your lawn or garden with a tarp to protect it from falling debris. You can also remove delicate or fragile wall hangings, relocate vehicles parked near your house and cover up your swimming pool.

4. Building Code Noncompliance

During a roof replacement, you might also spend extra money to make your new roof complies with the latest building codes. Noncompliance will not only cost you money, but it can also put your home at risk. 

Avoid exceeding your roof replacement budget by working with a contractor that understands your needs and has a proven reputation. At ABM Services & Renovations Inc, we always go to great lengths to provide our clients with roofing solutions that meet their requirements and budget. For consultations and estimates, call us at (770) 288-2368, or fill out our contact form. We proudly serve clients in Atlanta and McDonough, GA.