4 Considerations When Planning a Deck

4 Considerations When Planning a Deck

It is easy to be overwhelmed with the requirements of deck planning. From choosing the materials to the traffic and access of seating arrangements and scheduling the building project, there are a lot of things you need to consider thoroughly in order to create a beautiful and functional deck addition to your home. Here, a trusted commercial roof installation company shares tips on designing a deck.

Planning a Deck

1. Site

One of the most common mistakes in deck design is attaching a deck to fit an existing ledger board. This approach limits your options. You also need to keep in mind that the exterior door will often serve as the primary access point to your deck. It is important to match the deck elevation to the position of your door.

2. View

Low decks do not typically require guardrails because they look stocky. The ground underneath a low deck can become a shelter for insects and animals. Make sure to consider ventilation so the deck can breathe and be more mold and mildew resistant. High decks, on the other hand, appear more lightweight so guardrails, along with a flight of stairs, are often required. A high deck can better showcase your lush garden landscaping.

3. Traffic

It is crucial to think about how foot traffic will flow across your deck. A professional roofing contractor suggests designing the area in a way that the furniture and grill arrangements do not interfere with movement. If you have a low deck with no guardrails, consider adding a short rail or benches to help guide traffic while maintaining views of the outdoors.

Be cautious about using sudden changes in elevation if your deck has multiple levels. Steps that form irregular or awkward angles can pose a tripping hazard.

4. Material

Some people prefer the rustic, homey look of real wood like cedar and redwood over engineered, or man-made materials, while others prioritize aesthetic designs with a variety of colors and textures. Make sure to research appropriate materials and consider how well they will perform under certain conditions such as local climate and function of the deck.

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