3 Types of Roofing Delays and Tips for Staying on Schedule

3 Types of Roofing Delays and Tips for Staying on Schedule

All roofing projects can encounter delays and many of these are beyond your control. However, if your roofer is well prepared, the risk of delays can be minimized.

Here are some common reasons for roofing delays as well as tips for staying on schedule with your project. 

Types of Roofing Delays

1. Compensable Delays – These should be referenced in your contract in a “no damages for delay” clause. This is when the contractor is liable for the time extension and cost compensation. 

2. Critical Delays – A delay that extends a project’s duration is a critical delay. A delay that doesn’t contribute to the extension of the project isn’t a critical delay.

3. Excusable Delays – These are uncontrollable and unforeseeable events such as inclement weather and last-minute requests from the homeowner.

Tips for Staying on Schedule

Ask your roofing contractor to bring the materials in advance to prevent delivery delays. It will save time and also ensure everything is ready once the project begins. Confirm delivery timeframes for any specially ordered products needed for your project. All materials should be on-site before the installation starts. 

Roofing crews work more efficiently when there’s someone in charge. The roofers should have a supervisor or foreman to observe the job and make sure the project stays on schedule. You can ask them questions throughout the installation process. 

Changing your mind in the middle of a project can result in costly delays. Ask your contractor to provide product samples of the materials you’re purchasing and request for photos so you can see what they will look like after the installation. 

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