3 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Deck for Spring

3 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Deck for Spring

A well-designed deck allows you to enjoy outdoor living to the fullest–since because it is exposed to the harsh elements all year round, you’ll want to make sure it remains damage-free. Prompt and regular maintenance can help with this, helping keep your deck intact as winter gives way to spring. ABM Services & Renovations Inc, the trusted commercial roof installation company in the area, shares how you can get your deck prepped and ready for this seasonal change.

deck being cleaned

1. Make sure to wash the deck. Leaving dirt and debris on the deck boards is an invitation to mold growth and rot. You can prevent this by washing your deck. Start this task by removing the debris accumulating between the boards, focusing on areas where the deck boards cross the joists, or the structural members under the deck. Then, cover any nearby shrubs and plantings with plastic sheets to protect them for the task ahead.

Sweep the deck thoroughly, and then wash the deck using a cleanser that’s appropriate to its material. You’ll want to do this on a cloudy day so the deck will stay cool. Otherwise, the cleanser will evaporate quickly under the heat. Let the deck dry for at least two days. If you’d rather not do this yourself, you can always turn to a deck and roofing expert, ABM Services & Renovations Inc, who’ll make sure the job is done properly and efficiently.

2. Seal the deck. To keep your decking free from moisture damage–and ensure it remains sleek and beautiful–you’re going to need to seal it. You have many sealer options available to you, including a clear one that allows the wood’s natural grain and color to show through. There’s also toner that adds some slight color to the wood, while still fully revealing the grain. Some even come with UV protection. Again, if you don’t feel up for sealing your deck, you can always leave the work to a local renovation company.

3. Inspect your deck. Most decks are built to last, but if yours has sustained a fair amount of damage during the winter, you’ll need to check up on it. Probe structural members and perimeter posts with a flat-blade screwdriver. If you can push the screwdriver a quarter inch into the material, it likely has rot. You should also check the joists, posts, and beams for rot, as well. What’s more, any hardware should be inspected for corrosion. 

In some cases, no amount of spring maintenance will be able to save a deck that has sustained extensive damage. A complete replacement offers a smarter and more permanent solution. ABM Services & Renovations Inc can help you with this. We’re not just your premier roofing contractor–we can also handle your exterior renovation needs. You can always expect a smooth and worry-free deck replacement when you work with us. We proudly serve the areas in and around Sandy Springs and Locust Grove, GA. Call us today at (770) 282-3700 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.