3 Factors That Contribute to Successful Gutter Installation

3 Factors That Contribute to Successful Gutter Installation

The gutter system may look like the simplest part of a roof, yet a lot goes into making sure that it works as designed. In today’s post, we discuss the key factors that contribute to a successful gutter installation.

Successful Gutter Installation

Proper Sizing

Gutters need to be properly sized in order to work reliably. Undersized gutters would let water spill on the ground even during moderate rainfall while oversized gutters would not drain properly and allow standing water in the troughs, which can result in corrosion and ice dams, among other problems. Gutter size is determined using three factors: roofing square footage, roof pitch and the strongest recorded rainfall in the area.

Proper Pitch

Gutters may look parallel to the roofline, but they’re actually pitched or sloped towards the downspouts. It helps prevent standing water in the gutters and ensure proper drainage. Pitch can vary depending on factors like the length of the trough, the gutter profile, and the number of downspouts needed to be installed along one length.

A Gutter Contractor Who Understands Sizing and Pitch

One of the leading causes of gutter failure is poor installation. Unlike other parts of the house, gutter installation doesn’t have much room for installation errors. Miscalculating or not taking the factors described above into account may result in overflowing gutters, gutters falling off their hangers or even damage to the roof fascia. The effects of poor installation is even more pronounced in seamless gutters because of its fewer components.

This underlines the importance of working with a gutter contractor who understands how sizing and pitch contribute to proper gutter installation. Any homeowner with the right tools can put up new gutters on their home. However, working with a gutter contractor who understands how sizing and pitch works can make the difference between a gutter system that you can rely on and one that will easily break down.

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